Cold and Flu Season is Upon Us!

This is the time of year when everyone around you is getting sick with cold and flu symptoms.  I can almost guarantee that you know at least one or two people who have bronchitis right now or have been bothered with a severe cough.

stuffed teddy bear with a cold and flu
I hate cold and flu season

If you have read my story you know I have had Chronic bronchitis since I was eight years old.  Whenever I caught a cold or flu, it would inevitably turn into bronchitis.  However, I have been very fortunate these last two years and have not had an incident.

This is not just by luck.  I firmly believe this is because I take precautions all year long by using aromatherapy to support a stronger immune system.

I have several nasal inhalers I use several times a day, my personal blend of hand spray and my stock diffuser blends that I use while working during the day or use at my bedside every night.

Unfortunately, I did catch a cold this season, but unlike in the past, it did not go to my bronchial tubes. I did not have to make a trip to the doctor, take antibiotics or steroids like many of my friends.

I made up a custom blended lotion that I put on my chest two – three times a day with essential oils from several conifers (Pinion Pine, Norway Pine, etc.) The  oils in this blend help stimulate the immune system and can helping to clear the head from congestion and offer sinus support.

Cold and Flu Lotion Blend

1-ounce unscented lotion
3 drops Pinion Pine *
3 drops Norway Pine*
5 drops Tea Tree
* People with Asthma should proceed with caution when using Essential Oils rich in a-pinene, such as Pinion Pine and Norway Pine.

I have to admit; I would love to see everyone start using essential oils to help support their immune system!

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