Sweet Citrus Foaming Hand Soap

Sweet Citrus Foaming Hand Soap!  Do you  love foaming hand soap?  When you are washing your hands, there is not a better feeling than that lush thick lather, easily gliding over your hands and fingers.   Well, yes there is…when you also have the incredible uplifting aroma, and antibacterial, antiviral and immune supporting properties of citrus essential oils.  What a great combination!

Dangers of Commercial Hand Soaps


Triclosan is found in most  hand soaps and hand sanitizers labeled “antibacterial.”  It is an aggressive antibacterial agent that can promote the growth of drug-resistant bacteria.   The American Medical Association has found no evidence that these antimicrobials make us healthier or safer. Yet, by overusing them the microbes develop a resistance. This also happens with the antibiotics we are prescribed by the doctor. The EPA is currently investigating whether triclosan may also disrupt endocrine (hormonal) function. It is a probable carcinogen.

So the healthier choice is to avoid antibacterial products with triclosan for home and personal use. If you are hooked on hand sanitizer you can also try making your own. See my recipe for suggestions for both adults and children.

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Printable Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

Sweet Citrus Foaming Hand SoapPersonally, I think foaming hand soap is so much better than liquid or bar soap because it is much easier to get it all over your hands.  So why not make your own?  It is easy to do.  It is also fun to experiment with  different combinations of essential oils for this DIY foaming hand soap recipe.  But my Sweet Citrus Foaming Hand Soap recipe (see attached printable PDF) is my favorite.  I love all the citrus essential oils because to me they bring a bit of sunshine into my home when I use them.

Sweet Citrus Foaming Hand Soap — It Smells Like Sunshine!

This simple DIY recipe is inexpensive to make and kids love this one. Is it always a struggle to get them to wash their hands properly?  This foaming hand soap will have them loving hand washing.

The Sweet Citrus foaming hand soap recipe includes Lemongrass essential oil and Orange essential oil.    Both of these essential oils have antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. So combining them in a foaming hand soap is great for killing germs and smells WONDERFUL!

Have a Dynamic Day!